Famous Vegans


It might be slightly off-topic, but have you ever wondered if there are also vegan among the VIPs? No? I did. I found 107! Ok, it´s not that much, there are certainly or hopefully more somewhere out there. I think it´s a good thing that there are also some famous persons who are vegan, they could promote it a bit more, if they don´t already do so.

Es it vielleicht ein wenig Off-Topic, aber habt Ihr Euch noch nie gefragt, ob es auch Veganer unter den VIPs gibt? Nicht? Ich mich schon. Ich habe bisher gaze 107 gefunden! Ok, das ist nicht so viel, es gibt sicherlich oder hoffentlich noch ein paar mehr irgendwo da draußen. Ich denke, es ist gut, wenn es auch vegane Berühmtheiten gibt, die könnten ja den Veganismus etwas mehr bekannt machen, wenn sie es nicht schon tun.

    1. Adam Russell, bassist of Story of the Year


  • Alan Donohue, singer of British rock band The Rakes



  • Alicia Silverstone, actress



  • Alyssa Milano, actress



  • Andre Tonelli, musician and instrumental guitarist



  • Andre 3000 Benjamin, musician from OutKast



  • Andrew G, actor



  • Andy Hurley, musician and drummer of Fall Out Boy



  • Anoushka Shankar, musician and sitar virtuoso



  • Anthony Kiedis, singer of the Red Hot Chili Peppers



  • Apu Nahasapeemapetilon, actor (fictional) of Simpsons



  • Barry White , musician



  • Benjamin Zephaniah, performance poet and author



  • Bif Naked, punk rocker



  • Brian Bell, musician of Weezer



  • Brian Greene, theoretical physicist



  • Bryan Adams, singer and songwriter



  • Carrie Anne Moss, actress in Matrix trilogy



  • Casey Affleck, actor



  • Casey Kasem, US radio host ,



  • Cedric Bixler-Zavala, singer of The Mars Volta



  • Chrissie Hynde, rock singer



  • Clint Eastwood, actor and film director



  • Dan Piraro, cartoonist



  • Daniel Johns, musician of Silverchair



  • Danny Nova, singer and songwriter



  • Darren Boyd, actor



  • Dario Argento, writer



  • Daryl Hannah, actress and environmental activist



  • Davey Havok, singer of AFI



  • Dennis Kucinich, politician



  • Ed Begley Jr., actor and environmental activist



  • Elijah Wood, actor



  • Emily Deschanel, actress



  • Eric Roberts, actor



  • Erykah Badu, R&B singer



  • Fiona Apple, singer and songwriter



  • Forrest Kline, vocalist and guitarist for Hellogoodbye



  • Fred Mascherino, musician of Taking Back Sunday



  • Gabe Saporta, singer and lyricist of Cobra Starship



  • Gabrielle Miller, actress



  • Geoff Rowley, professional skateboarder



  • Grace Slick, singer and songwriter



  • Greg Cipes, actor and musician



  • Heather Mills, model, celebrity, and activist



  • Heather Small, singer



  • Howard Lyman, former cattle rancher turned activist and author



  • Hunter Burgan, musician and bassist of AFI



  • Ian MacKaye, musician



  • Ingrid Newkirk, animal rights activist



  • Isa Chandra Moskowitz, punk rocker and vegan cookbook author



  • James Cromwell, actor and animal rights advocate



  • Jennifer Connelly, actress



  • Joanne Rose, actor



  • Joaquin Phoenix, actor



  • John Feldmann, musician of Goldfinger



  • John Peel, British DJ



  • John Robbins, activist and author



  • John Robb, musican and actor



  • Jonathan Richman, musician and singer



  • K D Lang, singer



  • Kevin Nealon, comedian and actor



  • Kurt Halsey, artist



  • Kyle Vincent, singer and songwriter



  • Leonardo Da Vinci, Italian painter and inventor



  • Leona Lewis, British Popstar



  • Linda Blair, actress



  • Lori Petty, actress



  • Luke Cummo, contender in UFC Ultimate Fighter



  • Lynda Stoner, actress, animal rights activist



  • Mac Danzig, athlete



  • Martina Navratilova, tennis player and legend



  • Moby, musician and co-author



  • Morrissey, singer



  • Natalie Portman, actress



  • Nicole Lapin, Journalist, CNN Anchor



  • Ocean, Indie musician and singer



  • Omar Rodriguez-Lopez, musician of The Mars Volta



  • Pamelyn Ferdin, actress and voice in Charlotte’s Web



  • Pat Neshek, professional baseball player



  • Pat Thetic, musician and drummer of Anti-Flag



  • Propagandhi Band, political punk rock band Ö all members



  • Quinn Allman, musician ot The Used



  • Rikki Rocket, musician and drummer of Poison



  • River Phoenix, actor



  • Russel Simmons, music producer and co-founder Def Records



  • Saint David, Christian Welsh Saint



  • Scott Jurek, athlete



  • Sean Conant, actor



  • Seba Johnson, Olympian, actress, and writer



  • Shane Sweet, actor



  • Shane Told, musician of Silverstein



  • Sinead O’Connor, Irish singer



  • Steve Kilbey, singer and lyricist of The Church



  • Stic.man, musician of Dead Prez



  • Summer Phoenix, actress



  • Supreme Master Ching Hai, Spiritual leader



  • Terry Geezer Butler, musician of Ozzy Osbourne Band



  • Thom Yorke, singer of Radiohead



  • Tim Commerford , musician of Rage Against the Machine



  • Tim McIlrath, musician of Rise Against



  • Tobey Maguire, actor



  • Tony Gonzales, NFL Star



  • Vanessa A. Williams, actress and dancer



  • Victoria Moran, author



  • Weird Al Yankovic, comedian and musician



  • Woody Harrelson, actor and environmental activist




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