Fast food chains announced an increase in their sales last week. People are looking for more budget options when eating out, which are offered by these fast food chains like KFC, Subway and McDonalds for example. How awesome is then PETA´s new campaign against McDonalds?

Fast-Food-Ketten haben letzte Woche einen Umsatzzuwachs bekannt gegeben. Die Menschen schauen sich auch gerad mehr nach Budget-Optionen um, wenn sie auswärts essen wollen. Gerade das wird nun eben von Fast-Food-Ketten wie KFC, Subway oder McDonalds geboten. Wie passend ist da jetzt PETA´s neue Kampagne gegen McDonalds?



  1. Personally I think people would be more inclined to not eat at these type of fast food joints if better, more affordable, healthier options were more easily available.I don’t think any of PETA’s ad campaigns are very good but if they convert just ONE person over then it is a job well done.

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